Allelulia! He is Risen!

Today we celebrate Easter Sunday. This Sunday’s Mass has a slight difference from other Sundays. Instead of reciting the creed, we will be renewing our baptismal promises.

The Renewal of the Baptismal Promises has two parts. The first part is the Renunciation of Sin and the second part is the Profession of Faith. The Renewal of the Baptismal Promises is that solemn part of the Easter celebration when each of us, and as the members of the Body of Christ will make a public declaration. Putting it simply, it is a solemn public declaration of “NO” to devil and “YES” to God.

And After that we will be sprinkled with Holy water as a reminder of our baptism in Christ. The renewal of our Baptismal promises brings us back to the core of our faith.

The faith of Christians is the resurrection of Christ. In the resurrection, we see the Father approving all that Jesus said and did. The resurrection is to be the endorsement of the Father on the life, death, words and works of Jesus.

The Resurrection is the Father’s “Yes” to the person, ministry and suffering of Jesus. It shows the fidelity of the Father that He would not abandon His Son.

Jesus’ resurrection is the basis of our Joy and Hope – because He is risen from the dead, we no longer have to fear sin and death. Sin that separate us from God is now removed by His sacrifice on the cross.

His death on the cross reveals that love is greater than hatred. He commended everything to the Father, saying, “Into your hands, I commend my Spirit.” The father raised Him from the dead, demonstrating that love has the last word.

A Knights Example of Obedience

The resurrection of Jesus means that we no longer have to fear death. Many people live in fear of death. People try to prolong life for as long as possible. People want to look young or pretend to be still young. There is a denial of the reality of death.

Or life is not only lived in this world and for this world, but for the world to come.

This is what St Paul tells us in the second reading of today “Since you have been brought back to true life with Christ, …”

By His resurrection, Jesus assures us that life continues even after this life on earth. Where there will be no more weeping or tears. For this reason, we can rejoice in our suffering, hopelessness and forsakenness. No longer do we need to live in fear. We no longer have to rely on ourselves. Our strength comes from God alone. Like the Psalmist, we can say, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! Give thanks to the Lord!

Do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?