There is great privilege involved with being called a Guard of Honor, instead of just a random Honor Guard. Think of the long and storied history of America’s Guard of Honor, the 82nd Airborne Division. They received this title and it stuck as a moniker after General Patton gave them the label after the cessation of WWII, he said he never saw a better honor guard than one presented by the 82nd in Berlin, thus making them America’s Guard of Honor. While I was never a part of the 82nd Airborne, their history, honor, and dedication were always something every soldier looked up to. Here is a brief history of their unit, sung by the 82nd Airborne All American Choir.

America’s Guard of Honor

So true can be said about the Knights of St. John – the preferred Honor Guard of the prelates of His Holy Roman Church! This mantra is put on display across the United States, with Knights ready at a moments notice to stand guard in His honor, to protect the Word in all its forms, and those ordained to act in persona Christi.

That dedication and willingness to serve was on display at at the Holy Rosary/St. John the Evangelist Church this week. On his first visit to the parish, newly ordained and installed Bishop Earl Fernandes was very pleased with the response of the parishioners in welcoming home as the 14th Bishop of Columbus Ohio, but was also very appreciative of the Knights of St. John from Commanderies 97 and 98 who turned out for his visit on August 7th.

Earl Kenneth Fernandes's coat of arms

Coat of Arms – Bishop Earl Kenneth Fernandes

The prayers of the Knights of St. John go out to Bishop Fernandes, that the Holy Spirit guides you and provides you with the wisdom and fortitude to carry out your office. May the Blessed Mother keep you under her protective mantel. Please know that we are at your disposal, whenever you should need us.

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Congratulations to men of Commanderies 97 and 98, under the command of Brigadier General Emmanual Toe, for being examples of humility and faithfulness, and as an outward sign of the strength of our holy and noble order. Your presence brought great honor to your commanderies, the Ohio Grand, and the Knights of St. John Internationally.

Congratulations to Bishop Fernandes on your ordination to the office of Bishop.