Join the Knights of St. John

Are you interested in joining the Knights of St. John?

The Knights of St. John are always looking for good men to grow our organization. If you would like more information on joining the Knights, please feel free to use the Contact Us page. If you are ready to commit to the Knights of St. John, please note the following requirements:

1. Membership in the Knights of St. John is opened to any confirmed Roman Catholic man over the age of 16.

2. You do not belong to any secret society or organization forbidden by the Catholic Church.

3. You are eligible to receive a letter of recommendation from your pastor.

Once your application is approved, members of our order are held to the following standards:

1. To cultivate a strong love for the Roman Catholic Church.

2. To advance the spiritual and material interests of the Church.

3. To promote a filial respect for the authority of the Church.

4. To foster fraternity among your brother Knights.

5. Strive to improve the moral, mental, and social condition of your fellow Knights.

6. To aid, assist and support your fellow Knights, their family, and dependents when in need.

7. To develop a love for country.

8. To extend to the whole world the spirit of good will.

Speak to a member today about joining.

Once your application is approved by a local commandery, you are installed in the First Degree. You local commandery will then educate you on more details about being a Knight, and will lead you towards achieving the second, third, and fourth degree, and assist you in achieving the Noble Degree.

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