Contact the Knights of St. John

For more information regarding the Knights of St. John, or to speak with one of our Knights regarding membership or our history, please use this form and a member of our Order will get in touch with you. Please include a detailed message and your preferred method of response. A member of our communication team will direct your request to the proper office.

Thank you for your interest in the Knights of St. John. This contact form is for the Supreme Subordinate Commandery, USA. Please note that all email communication goes to our communication director, and will be answered as quickly as possible. It may take some time to research your request, or get your request to the appropriate Knight in the order.

The Knights of St. John have commanderies throughout the United States. Commanderies exist in New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and California. For information on how to join, visit our membership page, or use this contact form and a member of our order will reach out to you. This page is pertinent to the Knights of St. John International, Supreme Subordinate Commandery, USA.

For information on the Supreme Executive Level, please visit their site. If you are in one of the African countries that has a Knights of St. John Commandery, you do need to contact someone within the Grand Commandery of your nation for appropriate action. All communications for commandries outside of the United States will be referred to the appropriate Supreme Subordinate Commandery.

More information on the Knights of St. John can be found on our Wikipedia page.

We may call or text you in response.

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