We are in the third Sunday of Lent and how have you been responding to the invitation of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving?

The first reading talks about how the people quickly forgot about God’s intervention when they needed Him (God) and started complaining about water. They missed their meal in Egypt and feared they would die in the desert.

Like so many people today, they had no idea where their next meal would come from, and clean water had become a luxury they could only remember.  Acting as if God had no plans for them.

In the Gospel today, we are told Jesus was thirsty, the well was deep, and he did not have a “bucket” to draw water.

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At a particular moment of life, we will all come across “deep wells”, we will experience thirsty moments and we will need someone who has certain “buckets” to draw water for us. This is the reality of life.

Jesus was the first beggar – He begs the Samaritan woman for water, why?

Nobody has everything in life. Even the most powerful people on earth have needs. Nobody is richer, stronger, knowledgeable, beautiful/ handsome in this world. We all have needs.

Some needs may be physical, others might be emotional or spiritual. Lent must help us identify the needs of our souls.

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No human being is sufficient, no one has ever had everything in life. We are all thirsty for better things in life, our hearts are yearning for love, our families are thirsty for harmony, our souls are hungry for God’s Word, and our children are looking for attention and quality parental care.

A thirsty Jesus was able to satisfy the thirsty soul of the woman. Jesus gave her the truth which she was looking for. We all have needs and it is only Jesus who can satisfy our deepest desires. Jesus is still sitting by the well, let us go to him with our empty buckets and he will be of help.