Trinity Sunday, Year B
Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40 / Romans 8:14-17 / Matthew 28:16-20

We gathered every week in the church for one main purpose. And that is to pray and to offer worship to God. As individuals, we want to pray for our own needs and intentions. But united in faith, we become the People of God, offering prayer and worship for ourselves, for the Church, and for the world.

We believe that God hears our prayers, that God watches over us, that God protects us and grants us our needs. And God has also revealed a truth that will lead believers, and even non-believers, to wonder and to ponder.

That truth is the essence of God, which is love. The Most Holy Trinity is the unity/love of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is a truth that God reveals to us, and we profess our belief in that truth when we make the sign of the Cross and say: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

We also believe that God is love. And God the Holy Trinity is united in a relationship of love.

So it is in love that the Father created us in God’s image. It is with love and in love that Jesus Christ the Son saved us from the corruption and disfiguration of sin.

And it is with love and in love that the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts and makes us the temples of God.

We believe in God who is love, and that God loves us.

We also ponder about this truth that God is united in the Holy Trinity. But this truth about the Holy Trinity is not a concept or an idea about God.

The truth of the Holy Trinity is also the truth about us. It is a truth about who we are, and what our faith is about. Because what we believe in, we must eventually become. So, when we believe that God is love, then we, too, must strive to be a person of love. We would want to be like God the Father, who created each person in love and with love.

So, we would look at each person with love, and uphold the dignity of each person as God’s beautiful creation.

Yet, we do not deny the destructive effects of sin, which has disfigured and corrupted each person.

So, we look at God the Son, who was obedient to being crucified on the Cross to save us from our sins. And we would be attentive to the gentle promptings of God the Holy Spirit to be holy and faithful members of the Church and members of the Body of Christ.

So, the truth about God is also the truth about us.

The truth about God is that God is love, and God is united in the love of the Holy Trinity.

We believe in that truth, and in that love. What we believe in, we too must become, because we are called to become like God.

So, we witness to the loving mercy of God the Father; we witness to the loving obedience of God the Son; and we witness to the love and gentleness of the Holy Spirit.

When we become God’s truth and love, then others will see God in us, and they will also want to believe what we believe in. We need that big view of God. He makes everything sacred. We become what we receive – the love of the Trinity in the world.