The Lord Jesus gives a parable about Humility and Hospitality.

Where do you sit at banquet?

Jesus tells us: Do not hastily take the seat of honor. Wait to be seated. Let the host lead you to the seat. “for everyone who exalts himself/herself will be humbled.”

The Lord teaches another lesson.

Who do you invite to eat with you? Do we eat with family and friends only? How about the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind? You will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous. This is how we should prepare for the coming of the Lord. It is the Lord, our host, who will sit us at our rightful place.

Know thy true Self! – Humility!

A Knights Example of Obedience

How do we approach the virtue of Humility? Humility is knowing yourself before God, and before God we see ourselves, knowing yourself in relationship with God.

Remove God, you are fake.

The first Reading from the book of Sirach, the author advises us about our daily lives. How are you conducting your affairs in daily life? It is not enough to go about your daily life, not your performance of your daily life? HOW?

It is Self-knowledge that leads to Humility. Very Important!

Recognize your limitations. Your greatness depends on your Humility. Humility is listening to advice of others, knowing that you don’t have everything. A Humble person recognizes the limitation of others. True Greatness is found in Humility.

The 2nd reading talks more about Humility. It takes a humble person to recognize his/ her sinfulness. Due to my sinful life, who is l to approach the thrown of God? It is Humility to know that. The Grace of God- Through Jesus, we can approach God – Spiritual Humility.

Gospel: Jesus offered two advices; one to the guest and one to the host.

Guest- Wait for the host to sit you. You need God to sit you.

Host: You invite rich people so the invite in return. Invite those who are hungry, poor, cripple, lame and blind, they have nothing to repay you, God will bless and reward you. (PS 41: 2 -: Blessed the one concerned for the poor, on a day of misfortune, the Lord delivers him.”)

May we make ourselves humble in every situation of life and generous like Christ in front of the poor, the cripple, the lane, the blind of our time who are still numerous among us, in order to continue His mission to invite all to the banquet in the kingdom of God.

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