Brother Knights,

The Season of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany beckons us, and we welcome its call even as we deal with stress, fatigue, worries and fear of living in these times of COVID 19 pandemic. The season invites us to go into one of the tender’s moments of God’s encounter with us. God’s presence among us, manifested in Jesus brings hope to humanity.

Each year the Church leads us into this mystery of love and we wait patiently for the light and peace it brings. We see this love in the visitation of Mary running to accompany Elizabeth in her moment of need. We find it in the loving witness of countless missionaries risking all in search of Justice and peace for the people they serve, refugees in search of life for their children. We also see this love in each one of us in our dealings with our brothers and sisters. Relying on his mother, Anisim, the sole provider of the family, to cover vital needs such as food and shelter, 11-year-old Jonas knows that the cost of education for him and his four siblings is a burden on the family.

Already struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions impacting her job as a street vendor, and with her husband unemployed, Anisim desperately wants her children to have better opportunities for their futures than she had. For so many families in need, the Church has stepped in to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with quality education that can make a life-changing difference for their futures.

As we prepare and wait the season of hope let us remember Anisim and her family in our prayers. Let us be united with them, feel for them and join them in faith and hope, hope that is so much a part of this season. Let us also be grateful for all our blessings and continue to share what we can with those that have so much less.

May you be richly blessed this Advent season and may you experience the joy of Emmanuel, “Christ within us” at Christmas and always!