Dear Brother Knights,

Today, Sunday of the Word of God established by Pope Francis, to enable the church to experience anew how the lord opens up for us the treasury of His word. At the Angelus today, the Pope announced 2024 a year of prayer ahead of the upcoming Jubilee 2025 and invites us to pray for Christian unity and peace in the world.

Let us make this our spiritual duty this year and prepare for the Jubilee year.

Have a blessed Sunday.


Fr. Alex Osei, C.S.Sp.

3rd Sunday in OT:

  • Jonah 3: 1-5,10
  • 1Cor.7: 29-31
  • Mark 1: 14- 20

In the gospel we hear the story of Jesus calling his first followers to be fishers of people.

Three points for reflection: CALL, LEAVING and FOLLOW

1st. As Jesus walked the shore of the sea of Galilee, many people were there. Out of the many, the Lord called Simon and Andrew, then on James and John.

  • He called them for a purpose. Jesus calls each of us for a REASON. The Lord calls us in Baptism for a purpose not only to save our souls but for more that that.
  • Cardinal Newman said: God calls each of us for a definite service. “Even our illness, sorrow and perplexity can serve God’s plan.” We were each created for a purpose larger than ourselves.
  • We were called in Baptism for a reason that nobody else can accomplish in the same way.

2nd : LEAVING the Nets behind.

To follow Christ, we too must leave behind the nets that entangle us, burden us and ensnare us.

  • Conflict, Tension etc.

When the European Explorers came to our continent, many were seeking a new world, a fresh beginning. History tells us it didn’t happen because they brought a lot of the old world. It was in their heart.

To be a Christian is not simply to leave the world behind but to stay in the world as salt and light and use things of the world differently.

This is the point St Paul is driving at in the 2nd reading.

  • Before we change the world around us, we need to change the world inside us. OUR ATTITUDE & ACTIONS.
  • Are we ready to leave behind us: the Greed, Gossiping, Deception, Arrogance, Angers that make us no different than non-Christians. THESE ARE OUR NETS.

It is like the repentance of the Ninevites in the 1st reading. They repented, they lived in the same city, but it was a different world. They were changed from the inside.

3rd : FOLLOW ME.  The gospel tells us to follow Jesus. It means living the Lord’s teaching today. Through our Baptism, Jesus has a call, a mission for each one of us. We need to leave behind our “NETS”. Like the disciples, Christ called us in Baptism not only for ourselves but also for others. Following Jesus is a decisive change of view and attitude.

May Mary our mother helps us live each day, each moment as the time of salvation. and may she help us to convert from the mentality of the world to that of love and service.

Christ has called each one of us for a reason larger than ourselves.