Isaiah 50:4-7 Philippians 2:6-11 Mark14:1-15:39

Today is the Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, the beginning of the Holy Week.

After we commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem in the opening liturgy, the gospel takes us to Jesus’s last supper with his disciples; his agony, arrest, trial; his carrying of the cross on which he would be nailed at Golgotha.

We all have a Jerusalem ahead of us. For us it is not a city, but it might be an illness, a change in our life, a problem, an uncertainty ahead of us. Jesus shows us how to move toward our Jerusalem.

As we begin this Holy Week that recalls the great events of our salvation, let us ask the Lord to give us the grace, the strength to face whatever is ahead of us.

Palm Sunday teaches us that whatever lies in our future, Jesus has been there first, He knows and shows the way that will lead to Easter for us.