ACTS 4:32-35 PSALM 118 1 JOHN 5:1-6 JOHN 20:19-31

Today is the second Sunday of Easter, which is also celebrated as Divine Mercy Sunday. In today’s gospel, the Risen Lord breathes the Holy Spirit on His disciples and sends them to forgive sin. Jesus wants his disciples to participate in and pass God’s gift of reconciliation and mercy to others. Thomas, however, is absent during the Risen Lord’s visit, so he could not believe the testimony of his fellow disciples. Jesus visited them again, and this time, he showed Thomas his wounds. Then, seeing that the Risen Lord is indeed the crucified Jesus, Thomas proclaims: “My Lord and God!”

How about you? Do you see Jesus’ victory over death in his wounds and in the wounds of the poor and those who suffer? By seeing and touching his wounds, we can proclaim him as Lord and God.

The first Christians in the first reading were wounded by poverty, by the power of authority but were also willing to be wounded the more by selling their properties and bringing all for the good of the community. As we journey through the season of Easter, may we find ourselves in the post-resurrection stories of the first followers of Jesus and watch for how Jesus might be coming to us through our own closed doors.