A special thank you goes out to all members of Commandery 381 (West Seneca, New York) for making this year’s Christmas “Wish Tree” a success, most notably Captain Thomas Fischer. This will be the 29th year for our annual Parish “Wish Tree” at St. John XXIII, Parish, West Seneca, New York.

The wish tree is always set up in the entry way of our church, and is a fixture that many parishioners look forward to every year. We could not be effective in our ministry without the help of the great families at St. John XXIII parish.

The current pandemic certainly created a major problem for the logistics of our annual event, but we would not let it slow down our efforts. Fr. John Stanton, Pastor of St. John XXIII being a staunch supporter of our Commandery and all Knights of St. John stepped in and helped make it a great success. We also wish to thank all parishioners for their gifts and donation of $300 that truly made it a successful event for the Response to Love Center RTLC.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions at Seneca Health Care Facility this year we were unfortunately unable to continue the “Wish Tree” at their facility. We hope to be back with the great people at Seneca Health Care Facility next year. Instead, all 280 plus gifts and donation are going to Response to Love Center RTLC. Fr. John has given 100% approval regarding the Parish “Wish Tree” changes for this year.

Sister Mary Johnice at the Response to Love Center RTLC was extremely grateful for Knights of St. John and the parishioner’s monetary donation and gifts for all those less fortune during this Christmas holiday. Our prayers go out to Sister and her team for her continued acts of charity and faith in our communities.

Great effort by the men of Commandery #381, being a visual sign of Christ to those most in need of His mercy!