Dear Brothers,

On this Christmas, we encounter the splendor of the divinity of Christ, who for the sake of our salvation became man and born of the Virgin Mary.

The celebration of the birth of Christ is a joyful moment and it also calls for deeper reflection.

The Nativity Scene beckons us to look at the Baby lying in the manger, and we see the promise of God, the Emmanuel, the God-is-with-us.

And if God came to be with us, then nothing would be ever against us, and nothing would ever separate us from God’s love.

A message of Hope on Christmas

So, even though the current situation has limited the attendance at Mass, yet we look forward with the hope that one day Christmas Masses will be filled as before.

We look at the tender love of God lying in the Crib, and yet we also know that one day He would be hanging on the Cross-, just to save us.

And yet, we also come to see that the sufferings on this earth cannot be compared to the glory that is waiting for us above.

So, no matter how challenging or difficult life may be, we dare to hope and to look beyond the temporary and into eternity where God will wipe away the tears from our eyes.

And we also feel connected to the family of the Nativity – with Mary and Joseph, with the shepherds, and even with the animals.

Christmas beckons us to come back to renew our relationships with one another and it could be anything from strong and loving relationships to strained and hurting relationships.

2021 Christmas Proclamation

Jesus came to seek and search for the lowly, the lonely, and the lost. He came to heal and to reconcile.

He came to be with us so that we can come back to God. Jesus came down from heaven and brought heaven to us so that we can believe that heaven is real and that we can go to heaven.

That is the wonderful mystery of Christmas, and it is essentially about the wonderful love of God for us.

Jesus is the love of God made flesh. May this wonderful mystery of Christmas also be made flesh in us, so that our faith is strengthened as we go forth to love God and to love others.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!