Continuing with the theme of St. Joseph – Father Raymond de Souza wrote a wonderful reflection on The Holy Week Shadows of St. Joseph: Holy Monday.

The influence of the Holy Family on the earthly life of Jesus Christ cannot be overlooked, despite the fact that very little is discussed on the interaction of the infant/child Christ and his Mother and on his earthly father, St. Joseph in Sacred Scripture. In fact, Joseph is not mentioned at all in the adult ministry of Jesus Christ. We can more than likely discern that Joseph had gone to rest in the Lord, and that is why he does not mentioned in the story after a certain point.

Despite not being mentioned in the Scriptures save for a couple verses, the shadow of St. Joseph, as protector of the holy family, as an earthly guide to Jesus, as a valuable member of his community are evidenced.

What is interesting to consider, is why is his death never mentioned? In a patriarchal culture, you would think that the death of a member of the house of David would be mentioned! The lack of his presence in the Gospel means nothing in terms of what St. Joseph provided to Christ in his up bringing, and the message that we can take from that influence. Further study, prayer, and discernment may lead to a finding of more of an influence by St. Joseph.

I encourage all of our brother knights to embrace the shadow of St. Joseph and his influence and impact on the early church and continue to emulate the earthly father of Christ in this year of St. Joseph.

In light of the Shadow of St. Joseph reflections, the shadow of a knight and his actions should always be cast upon his parish and his community. We should be challenged into always shaping our parishes and communities through our thoughts, words, and actions, that our influence is always felt in those areas of our parish and community where it is needed most.

When our fellow parishioners enter into our sacred worship space, they should recall the actions of the Knights adding to the liturgical celebrations they have been present at. They should see the works of charity and good will through our commitment to the church, to our fellow man, and to our community. Our virtuous nature should be the loudest voice proclaiming our presence continually, as a pillar of faith and example in our communities.

We can extend the shadow of St. Joseph by ensuring that our shadows extend over our families, communities, and parishes.


As we continue the journey of Holy Week, may the promise of salvation guide you to always doing what is right, AD MAJREM DEI GLORIAM, using your influence of Catholic Knighthood to make the world a better place.

I leave you with this beautiful rendition of An Easter Hallelujah, may the words sung by these two young woman act as a resounding reflection for you on this journey through Holy Week.


Peace and grace be with you on the journey.