Why do we keep coming together for worship every Sunday? Is it because we feel that behind everything we experience, behind everything we see or know, there is more than what we can name, touch, or understand?

USCCB Daily Readings – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

What has brought us together and what holds us together is our common belief in the Jesus Christ. Faith in God and in Jesus is all that we have.

Today Jesus tells us to prepare for the arrival of the master of the House.  How do we prepare? It is by being Watchful and Focus.

When should we be watchful?  Anytime, Every minute and second /hour!

The author of the first reading says, “that night”, what was that? It was the first Passover, the night of liberation/ freedom. It was in the dark but in the dark, they believe God will set them free. The ancestors of Israel saw the future of that liberation but did not live to see it. They saw it afar and experienced it in Faith.

The second reading tells the story of our father Abraham, his wife Sara and many others who trusted in the Lord. Abraham was asked to leave his father’s house and embark on a journey into an unknown territory. It did not make sense to him, but he trusted in the Lord and faithfully followed all the directions and commandments of God. Sarah was promised a child at an advanced age when all hopes had been lost. IT did not make sense, but she believed it. Abraham and Sarah believed because the one who promised is Faithful.

As we encounter the darkness of life, how can we endure the trails of life?  It is Faith! Faith provides us with light to see in the dark and encounter God.

A Knights Duty – Pray Like Aquinas

Jesus in today’s Gospel calls us to “Be Alert’! He was talking about the attitude of his hearers – The second coming seem to delay. Since there is delay in coming, some say, let us manage ourselves the way we want to live. As Christians we will face troubles, hardships and many other things but is telling us, as we enter the darkness, we should not let our faith died. We should focus and should not forget our responsibility given to us by God.

We should keep our responsibility and fulfill it. Whatever you are doing don’t let a moment pass without thinking of God. Focus on the Lord who will come soon.

No one knows the day and the hour, what we know is that one day it will surely come. Preparation begins this month, this week, today and this very hour.

Cherish your faith and nourish it.